Children Friendly Breakfast – Lazy Sunday Mornings..

Children Friendly Breakfast – Lazy Sunday Mornings..

If your children love eggs broccoli and bacon this is a great one you can dish out on a Sunday morning –

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Get a bag of broccoli slaw — easily available at grocery stores (a fact I
happily discovered after moving back to the United States from Rome this year) —
and use an oven-safe saute pan to cook the green stuff on the stovetop along
with two slices of bacon (cut into small pieces) and 2 cloves of minced garlic.
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Packaging Trends

Packaging Trends

At the recent packaging show we saw some interesting packaging that we feel will set the trend in the years to come either through their innovation or their Eco benefits.

To meet the needs of the emerging on-the-go consumer, the food packaging industry is coming up with new disposable, single-use packaging solutions. Whether it’s re-sealable pouches or edible packaging, look out for on-the-go packaging as another big trend that’s here for the foreseeable future.



This package for frozen lemonade showcases yet one more example of a product with an on-the-go delivery system that comes in yes—wait for it—a pouch.

This is sure to be a hit – just think of how much of this you would gulp next summer if we had the kind of hot weather we had this year.!!!!!

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