The Black & White Wedding Theme – Joy & Yomi ’s Wedding At Whittlebury Park

The Black & White Wedding Theme – Joy & Yomi ’s Wedding At Whittlebury Park

OK ..when this couple first approached us to discuss their wedding plans – I knew this was going to be very different.. The initial contact was made by the Mother of the Bride Marilyn (more on her later) and from the first phone call I felt this client was going to be quite different.

Marilyn wanted to meet with us before we moved forward in any way and she arrived at our premises with her Daughter, Joy – Bride to be. They both had lots of questions which we answered and following this, we arranged a tasting session – We had lots of feedback on the food and some changes were recommended all of which we noted and put into the plans for the wedding.

Then I asked what is your colour theme for the day – BLACK & WHITE – said Joy. In my head I thought …Oh dear !!!! I had never seen this used for a wedding – Funerals ..Yes but not for a wedding. Marilyn looked at me and smiled … I know what you are thinking but yes it will be Black and white ONLY … and it will look stunning.

Well on the day of the wedding was she right or what ….. Just take a look at the pictures:

Photography: Juniper Green 
Event Management: Eden Event Management – 0757 798 2995

Joy and Yomi and Joy’s Parents have become more than just clients to us – Marilyn inspired me to think outside of the box and her attention to detail was second to none. Always in a soft spoken voice she will tell you what she wants with an encouraging smile.
Oh I forgot about the food … well here is the menu of the day and from all the feedback it all went down really well …
Suya & Onions On Sticks Garnished With Mixed Peppers (Hot / Mild)
Tempura Prawns
Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Main & Accompaniments
KFC Style Chicken 
Jerk Chicken / Curried Goat 
Meat In Stew (Mild)
Spicy Fish With Onions & Mixed Peppers  (Filleted Red Brim / Hake/ Red Brim )
Egwusi Soup & Pounded Yam
Greens Vegetable (for Sadza)
Jollof Rice
Rice & Peas (Red Kidney Beans)
White  (Basmati) Rice (Small Portions )
Salad Bar 
Peppered Sauce (on buffet table )
Apple Pie & Custard
Tropical Fruit Salad
Ice Cream
Puff Puff