Cleo & Naz – Two Years In The Making ….

Cleo & Naz – Two Years In The Making ….

Naz and Cleo first approached us 2 years ago about catering for their wedding. We worked with them to put together a menu that they felt would reflect their wedding day. However due to bereavement within the family the wedding had to be postponed and so to 2017.

Firstly the choice of Venue …Port Lympne Wild Animal Park – well this one was new to me. I did not know what to expect until I arrived at the Venue for an onsite visit with the Bride & Groom. I will be honest that my initial visit did not go well as the client was hoping for us to deliver a Bowl service on the day, however on arriving at the venue for the onsite visit – it quickly became clear that the current Kitchen facilities was inadequate for us to be able to deliver a bowl service. I explained this to Cleo and with grate reluctance on her part and persuasion from Naz she agreed to change the service to Buffet service.

Fast forward a couple of Months – I get a call from Cleo … I really want this Bowl Service as opposed to a Buffet service – can we meet on site again please .. I agreed – to my surprise the venue had made some significant changes to their kitchen facilities and it was now possible for me to say to Cleo that yes we can deliver a Bowl service for you here..

Cleo was so happy … she had.gotten what she had always wanted … so she said to me would you like to take a walk around the Park … did you know they have Tigers etc here in the park .. I said that would be great so we started walking and just as we rounded a corner I was shocked … there was a HUGE Tiger in front of us just 2-3 feet away. I am ashamed to say that all my male shivery left me – I froze on the spot. You know you see these things on TV and you think OH Tiger !!…. well when they are just 2 feet away you realise just how Huge these animals are .. I mean HUGE … its head was massive and its PAWS !!!!!! .. Well Cleo burst out laughing … can you imagine that???? On hearing her laughing I had to quickly get myself back together – Yes there was a wire fence between us and the Tiger but  that close I did not see the wire fence – just this HUGE beast. Our walk through the park soon came to an end and I left Cleo … still laughing!!!

The wedding day..

How awesome … the weather was great the setting was magical and the guests had an amazing time. This was truly a day that the guests will not forget – imagine going to a wedding and having the opportunity to see tigers and elephants on the dame day. This was just very different to any other wedding we have done so far. As you can see from the pictures the guests looked like they had a wonderful time.

The Menu: Family Style Service (Bowl Service) –

The Black & White Wedding Theme – Joy & Yomi ’s Wedding At Whittlebury Park

The Black & White Wedding Theme – Joy & Yomi ’s Wedding At Whittlebury Park

OK ..when this couple first approached us to discuss their wedding plans – I knew this was going to be very different.. The initial contact was made by the Mother of the Bride Marilyn (more on her later) and from the first phone call I felt this client was going to be quite different.

Marilyn wanted to meet with us before we moved forward in any way and she arrived at our premises with her Daughter, Joy – Bride to be. They both had lots of questions which we answered and following this, we arranged a tasting session – We had lots of feedback on the food and some changes were recommended all of which we noted and put into the plans for the wedding.

Then I asked what is your colour theme for the day – BLACK & WHITE – said Joy. In my head I thought …Oh dear !!!! I had never seen this used for a wedding – Funerals ..Yes but not for a wedding. Marilyn looked at me and smiled … I know what you are thinking but yes it will be Black and white ONLY … and it will look stunning.

Well on the day of the wedding was she right or what ….. Just take a look at the pictures:

Photography: Juniper Green 
Event Management: Eden Event Management – 0757 798 2995

Joy and Yomi and Joy’s Parents have become more than just clients to us – Marilyn inspired me to think outside of the box and her attention to detail was second to none. Always in a soft spoken voice she will tell you what she wants with an encouraging smile.
Oh I forgot about the food … well here is the menu of the day and from all the feedback it all went down really well …
Suya & Onions On Sticks Garnished With Mixed Peppers (Hot / Mild)
Tempura Prawns
Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Main & Accompaniments
KFC Style Chicken 
Jerk Chicken / Curried Goat 
Meat In Stew (Mild)
Spicy Fish With Onions & Mixed Peppers  (Filleted Red Brim / Hake/ Red Brim )
Egwusi Soup & Pounded Yam
Greens Vegetable (for Sadza)
Jollof Rice
Rice & Peas (Red Kidney Beans)
White  (Basmati) Rice (Small Portions )
Salad Bar 
Peppered Sauce (on buffet table )
Apple Pie & Custard
Tropical Fruit Salad
Ice Cream
Puff Puff

Marrige Stats In UK – Bucking The Trend!!!!

Marrige Stats In UK – Bucking The Trend!!!!

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The Benefits of Having a Wedding Website

The Benefits of Having a Wedding Website

Why have a Wedding Website?

So far, not many people are aware of the importance of having wedding websites. Outlined in this article are some of the benefits of owning a wedding website, and what the site should include for it to benefit your guests.

  1. Save on Printing Costs

If you need wedding invitation cards printed, you already know how costly it is. But by redirecting everyone to your website, you will not only save money but also time and effort on printing costs. For that reason, you need a wedding website to cut down matrimony costs.

  1. You can Personalize It

It is easy to make the website more personal. Actually, many suppliers make it possible for you to personalize your wedding color scheme to suit your needs. You are also able to add photos and a forum for your guests to chat on. This makes the page a nice taster for your precious day. Thus, you can begin building excitement earlier before the big day.

  1. Security

Your information is secure when it is in a website. You need to find a supplier who provides password-protected access to the website. As such, only people with the password will be able to view your information. Thus, you will have kept crucial information confidential.

  1. Easy to Manage Your Guest List

It is very easy to set up your virtual wedding gift list in a website. That way, you can easily send out invitations and get RSVPs sent directly to the site. This means you can effectively set up your table plan online. By so doing, you will have kept all your vital wedding information in an organized way without having a lot of paperwork.

  1. Saves on Phone Calls

If you include the website’s address to your invitation cards, your guests will spend some of their time checking it out online. This means you will save money on phone calls since you had to call them up and inform them about the ceremony.

  1. Easy to Add Extra Information

It is easy to add things to your wedding website. This helps your guests stay updated. You can add things such as directions to the venue. Other information you may consider adding include wedding countdown clock and weather forecast to help guests plan their outfits.

  1. Easy to Change Plans

In case you want to change the plan of your wedding, it is very easy to do this in your website. In fact, it may take less than 5 minutes to include info such as change of venue, weather updates and many other changes. Also, you can add updates as the big day approaches so that people stay informed.

  1. It is Eco-friendly

No matter how much you use it, your website will save you money on paper and stamps. Since papers come from trees, it means you are going to conserve the environment by using less paper. Carbon emissions in paper-making industries will also be minimized. Papers also litter the compound, so if you choose not to use them you are actually doing favor to the environment.



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