Searching for the perfect wedding venue could be a tiring job, especially if you have lots of preferences in mind. Missing out a few important questions is common. Since your wedding venue should be a memorable one, it is imperative to choose it wisely. Here are top questions to ask when selecting your wedding venue.

Is the wedding hall available on the date you want?

Well, the most important thing to consider is whether the wedding hall is available on the date you have decided. To get a booking on a selective date, you have to reserve the venue as early as possible to avoid any inconvenience. If you are flexible with the dates, you may choose one that best suits your need and makes your favorite venue available for you. Also, ask whether there are any other bookings for wedding on the same day and if you have a specific time to leave.

Is there any difference in rates for different dates?

Some wedding halls may have a same rate throughout the year while some may show a variation of booking rates through the entire week. Find out in advance whether you are booking it on a day when the rates are high. Consider changing the day if you are on a budget. Mostly, wedding halls charges more for weekends than weekdays. Ask for any such variation of cost and decide wisely depending on how much you want to spend on the venue.

Whether they include decoration and catering?

Decoration is an essential part of any wedding. It creates a positive aura and leaves an imprint on the mind of your guests for years. If the decoration is not appropriate, your wedding may appear dull and boring. Some guests look for how well a venue is decorated and what new thing are incorporated to make it special. Ask the venue manager, whether they will arrange the decoration or you have to get it done.

Who will provide catering services?

Some wedding venues have their own in-house catering services while others allow you to hire your own. If you have specific catering needs, ask them if they will provide it. If not, whether they will allow you to bring your caterer. Whether they will allow you to make changes in the menu and add food of your choice. How much alteration you can make in their in-house catering menu. Whether they have a liquor license and will they provide liquor to your guests at an optimal price. Also, ask if they will allow you to bring your own liquor.

Is there ample parking and restrooms for your guests?

Although most wedding venues offer free parking for your guests, some may not. It is best to find how many vehicles can be parked in the parking provided by the wedding venue. If yes, then do your guests have to pay for it, or you will incur extra charges for it. If you have more number of guests, consider booking one with a large parking. Also, ask whether they have a shuttle service and how much they charge for it. Another thing to consider when booking a wedding hall is whether they have enough restrooms for your guests. Ideally there should be al least 4 restrooms for every 100 guests.

Apart from the above questions to ask before selecting your wedding venue, it is important to get everything in writing once you finalize. This will ensure that there is no other booking on the same time and that all the things you verify before booking will be functional on the final day. It will reduce last-minute stress and help you to enjoy your special day to the fullest while making it as memorable for your guests.

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